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Posted on: March 17, 2009 6:20 pm

Just Call Me "Virgin Blogger!!!"

 I tried posting my 1st Blog about Fantasy Football, cause I firmly believe that if you want your material to be read and responded to, you need to know your stuff and not be boring to read.  So, not trying to be a Walt Whittman of a blogger, I tried this before and screwed it up immensely.  Here it goes...


    I am HUGE into Fantasy football, like most us probobly are.  A couple days ago, i saw a mock fantasy football draft (only 3 rounds) for this upcoming season and I pose this question...Which team would you want to be staring with.  This mock draft had 12 teams.  One thing i forgot was a point stategy system.  We'll say that all TD's are 6 points.  1 pt per reception, 1/2 point per carry, 1 point per 10 yards rushing/recieving, 5pts. bonus for 300 yards passing; 100 yards rushing/recieving.  If i missed anything...oops.  Here's the draft..

Team #1:  A. Peterson, P. Manning, Kevin Smith

Team #2: M. Turner, A. Boldin, Ronnie Brown

Team#3:  M. Jones-Drew, R. moss, S. Smith(CAR)

Team #4:  Deangelo Williams, Addai, B. Marshall

Team #5:  M. Forte, M. Lynch, R. Wayne

Team #6:  Chris Johnson, B. Jacobs, J. Cutler

Team #7:  Westbrook, T. Brady, Derrick Ward (TB)

Team #8:  F. Gore, Calvin Johnson, T. Romo

Team #9:  M. Barber, A. Johnson, Thomas Jones

Team #10:  S. Jackson, Fitzgerald, Pierre Thomas

Team #11:  S. Slaton, D. Brees, G. Jennings

Team #12:  C. Portis, L. Tomlinson, Roddy White

 Now, team #1 would be next to pick, but which team thrills you the most?  At 1st look, if the NFL doesn't suspend Lynch, I LOVE team #5!  I've been more favorable of solid, steady WR's as of last year, so team #3, followed by team #8 is also very intuiging.  All Teams are a decent start, but if there was one team that would scare me if my draft started that way would be team #7.  An aging Westbrook and a rusty Brady would have me worried.  So talk to me, what team would you like?  Peace

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