Posted on: April 30, 2009 11:50 am

Sevensburgh & The Next to Four

Since its never to early to talk about football, I thought that i'd rile up some tasty conversation by predicting that the best team and organization in football; THE Pittsburgh Steelers will defeat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 44 and thus renaming Pittsburgh "Sevensburgh" and having the Cowboys join the likes of the Buffalo Bills of losing four Super Bowls.  Since the early 70's, the Dallas Cowboys have been known as America's Team...WHAT A CROCK!!!  They rekindled their clain in the 90's with the trio of Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Irvin, but what have they done the last 13 years besides be the butt of most football jokes outside the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions.  Jerry Jones reminds me more of Steinbrenner of the Yankees more and more each year.  With what the Cowboys have accomplished the last decade, no wonder I love football so much.  The Steelers upper management has been the model of professionalism that other organizations have tried to emmulate them.  The Steelers draft smart, stay away from pricy free agents, and have the foundation other teams strive for.  

Here's why they should be a Super Bowl favorite this year.  1st, they don't lose as many players off this Super bowl winning team as they did 3 years ago.  2nd, they will have a much easier schedule and are a virtual lock for 11-13 wins and/or a division winner. 3rd, i guarentee that Ben Roethlisberger won't be riding his motorcycle without a helmet crashing into cars and pavement this summer like he did when the Steelers won it all last time. 

Finally, I'll admit that this hasn't been an every year thing for the Steelers.  We suffered through our share of bad drafts and poor play.  Three names for you...Bubby Brister, Mark Malone, and the not so masculant Kordell Stewert.  Those teams weren't like the Lions and Raiders of now, but suffered through a phase of mediocrety.  Every teams strives to win the championship.  The Steelers are fortunate enough to win it 6 times.  I just feel with what we have going on right now, barring any major injuries, that the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 44 by the score of 31-20.  Anyone want to disagree?
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